The English Premier League (EPL) is the most coveted tournament in English football. It comprises of two dozen teams and features almost 40 home and away games. It is an excellent opportunity for punters to make profits and expert football league betting tips are always available to make the most of the opportunities.


Interesting Facts About EPL

Some of the interesting betting related points about the EPL are as follows:

  • More bets are placed on the league matches than any other league
  • More than 200 live bets are open for each match from all the bookies
  • The 1×2 markets, correct score, and over under 2.5 goals predictions are the most popular bets
  • There is widespread competition to offer the best-possible odds
  • There can be big difference between the best and worst odds. This can have a huge impact on your returns. You should especially be careful with the league accumulate bets.
  • The EPL season runs from August to May

You can find football betting tips available on each match and markets throughout the season. The focus is on the teams that will get relegated and not the ones which will win the EPL.


Reliable EPL Betting Tips

The EPL is highly popular and this has an impact on the odds available for the teams. These odds can shorten instantly on the day of the match.  This is where experienced tipsters come into the picture. They conduct all the research to bring you the tips, and the result is that you will get better prices.



Some of the interesting points about football league betting tips are as follows:

  • Free betting tip is available with each preview
  • Each tip also includes correct score prediction for the match
  • It can also cover the reasons for supporting a tip
  • You can get access to information like statistics, team news, form evaluation, previous meetings

You can also use all this information to come to your own conclusions. You can determine whether to follow the tipsters directly or to make your own calculations.


Covering a Wide Range of Markets

Experienced tipsters cover predictions for a wide range of markets. This includes:

  • Over/under goals
  • 1×2
  • First goalscorer
  • Both teams to score
  • Correct score

You can also gain insights from experts who are specialists in finding amazing bets from specific markets. All the facts and figures and the trends have already been studied. This means that you don’t have to do any of the hard work.


Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap betting is a unique betting option in soccer that focuses on leveling the play field for the two teams. As you can imagine, it comes into the picture when one team is an underdog and the other is a favorite. It is also considered as a kind of spread betting.

The team that is highly likely to lose the game is given the edge from the beginning. This advantage is given in the form of goals and are referred to as the handicaps. This handicap can be a decimal or a whole number.


Advantages of Asian Handicap Betting

Some of the key advantages of  asian handicap betting are as follows:

  • Since there is no room for a draw outcome, the odds of winning increase significantly
  • When it is used within an accumulator bet, the number of possible outcomes reduce. This gives a boost to the chances of winning.
  • Interestingly, you can win your bet even in situations where the team you wagered on loses the match.

These benefits along make this type of market such a lucrative proposition. There is more to it. When you lay out accumulator markets, there is high probability of over-round compared to fixed odds betting.




The Benefits Never End

If you chose whole number market, if the outcome is  draw, you may not lose all your money. A significant part of your stake can get returned. When there is fixed odds home wins that can treble accumulator, you can expect over two dozen possible outcomes. With whole number asian handicap market, only 8 potential outcomes exist.

A half number handicap makes it impossible to end up in a draw. There will always be a home or away result. Besides, if you have good knowledge, you may be able to benefit more. With the help of experienced tipsters, you will be able to increase your odds of winning and making huge profits.

There are even more benefits of asian handicap betting. They help in increasing the already great odds. They can also, at times, turn them entirely in their own favor. This means that the edge lies with you and not with the bookmaker. You get a chance to make more profits from the bookmaker. This not only helps address your monetary goals, but also has a more gratifying impact.

Almost every punter is going to have a significant sense of satisfaction when they realize that they can have an edge over the bookmakers on a consistent basis. Thus, asian handicap betting provides you the best outcomes in most scenarios. If you love EPL, you can stay in constant touch with the league and the sport. You get an excellent opportunity to generate profits. And there is satisfaction when you get it right every time.

And all this is made possible only with the help of expert football league betting tips. While you can do your own research and hard work, there is nothing like relying on expertise that has years of experience behind it. So you should rely on the expert services of tipsters who have already proven their skills and knowledge in the form of performance statistics. Look for the right platform that lists all the top tipsters from all around the world. Evaluate their facts and figures, performance stats, and choose tips that help you increase your odds of winning, every time.