Fixed odds betting is a classic form of betting that is quite popular in soccer betting. In fixed odds football betting, the bookmaker offers odds on a specific result in a match. If the result is the outcome, the bookmaker pays winnings based on the odds along with the original wager. If that outcome is not the result, the bookmaker wins and your bet is lost.


What Makes Fixed Odds bets Appealing?

When it comes to soccer betting odds, spread betting is another popular market option. Fixed odds betting is different from this type of market in that the potential profits or losses are fixed based on the odds provided by the bookmaker.


Accumulators & Multiples

Accumulator bets are also referred to as parlays. These are single bets that connect together multiple bets. It is required for all the bets to win to make a profit. These bets provide higher odds compared to just a single bet. This means that the return on your stake is going to be big if all the bets win.


Tips for Making the Most of Fixed Odds Football Betting

What makes football unique in the world of sports is that opinion plays, perhaps, the most important role in it. There is no single best player or team because everyone has their own opinion about it. Fans determine who is underrated and who is currently not in their peak form. And fixed odds football betting relies on these opinions from the experts. These are tipsters with decades of experience in the industry and have a proven track record.

Some of the tips to betting effectively on these soccer betting odds are as follows:

You shouldn’t just add selections randomly. Make sure that you know all the possible angles before you place a bet with your hard-earned money. Whilst you may think that Manchester United is certainly going to beat Manchester City just because that’s what your opinion of both the teams has been for a long time. But you should take the stats into account before coming to a sound conclusion.




At the same time, it is quite easy for you to get overwhelmed by the ocean of statistics that is available out there. This is where you should get the help of professional tipsters to choose the right options. Some of the important factors taken into account by these predictions experts include:

  • The form of both the teams
  • Players’ forms
  • Home form and away form
  • Suspensions and injuries
  • Head-to-head records

Evaluation of all this key information can help in providing valuable insights into a match.


Bet Sensibly

As a punter, it is also important for you to bet sensibly. This is, in fact, one area that affects many bettors. While soccer betting odds are going to give higher chances of winning, you should still be careful with your money.

Sports betting, including football betting, are always unpredictable. The tips help you gain insights into the high probability of an outcome.  So you should place each wager with the same amount of respect as others. This also applies for your wagering plan too.

If you study the most successful punters, you will realize that they maintain a level wagering plan. They maintain consistency in how much they wager on each bet. This is the case even when they are highly confident about a specific bet. This strategy helps you in maintaining your profits in the long term. Thus, it helps you in keeping your bankroll safe. So you should learn how to wager sensibly to make the most of the opportunities provided by fixed odds football betting.


Focus on a Specific Area

Another strategy to increase your chances of making more profits is to focus on specific areas within fixed odds football betting. This helps you specialize in it and become better. It is an old saying that practice makes perfect.

In this case, you should focus on a specific market type. You should hold onto this strategy even if you face a few losses initially. This should help you gain more knowledge than other punters in that specific area. So if choose goals betting, you should gradually be able to know the chances of one team scoring against the other with much more ease. It is certain that you will require the guidance of experienced tipsters to come up with more accurate predictions.



Keeping Track

It is also important to keep track of your wagers to be able to gauge your success when following soccer betting odds. You shouldn’t just stick with counting your bankroll balance. This goes beyond that.

It is likely that you may be good at betting within the win-draw-win markets. You may have trouble when betting on the following areas:

  • Correct score
  • First or anytime goalscorer
  • Both teams to score

So you should understand what your strengths and weaknesses are. This will help you focus more on your strengths to increase your profits.


How Can Tipsters Help?

Not all fixed odds football betting tipsters are the same. You should find a reputed platform that lists tips and predictions from the best tipsters in the world. You should be able to assess each experts based on their hit rate, percentage average records, profits, ROI and average odds. Such websites rank their tipsters based on their success rates, making it easier and faster for you to rely on the right experts.

While your own research is important, getting the help of genuinely successful tipsters goes a long way. They do all the research and study for you so that you have accurate soccer betting odds before placing your bets. You can rely on their daily soccer predictions for different games and markets and place your stakes based on tips that are based on facts and figures and not just opinions.

Make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips to make the most of your fixed odds football betting. No matter how much knowledge you have, it always pays to rely on the expertise of tipsters.