Asian handicap is a popular type of bet in soccer and its gains its name from its widespread popularity among football bettors from Asia. The word ‘handicap’ is used in asian handicap football betting with the reference that one team is given a virtual head start. These markets have been designed to avoid any chances of a draw in a match. The goal is to have only 2 potential outcomes of a match.

So asian handicap bets are a form of betting without the tie result. Within the basic 1×2 wagering conditions, the probability of each outcome is at 33%.

There are 2 types of handicap:

  • Half Goal – 0.5, 1.5, and so
  • Whole Goal – 0, 1, and so

When it comes to a half-goal asian handicap bets, there is always going to be a clear winner. This is because it is not possible for a team to goal half a goal. When it comes to a whole goal handicap, all the bets get refunded if there is a level result after considering the handicap. Certain handicap bets can also provide teams 2 virtual head starts.


Zero Goal Start

Zero goal start in this type of betting means “Draw No Bet”. This means that the match should have a winner. If there is no winner, all bets will stand void. This bet has similarity with the Odds bet in terms of Back or Lay.

Similar to all bets, when you place your bet, the cash will get reserved to cover your worst possible position on the bet. The amount reserved shows bets on all lines. So if, you ‘back’ a specific team to win with a goal start of 1.5 and ‘lay’ the team to win with a goal start of 1.5 and 2, the maximum loss you may make can get triggered if the team loses by 2 goals. You may lose only 50% of your stake and not the wager on both the bets.



Settlement Score

This score is used for settling bets and is a result for a specific handicap applied. For example, you back team A -0.5 and they win 1 to 0, the settlement score will be (0.5) to 0 and you will be winning the bet. If the team draws 0 to 0, the score will be (-0.5) to 0 and your bet is lost.

One of the advantages of choosing these markets is that they provide the underdog the edge before the match begins. At the same time, you should remember that football is a unique game. Even a single goal can make all the difference in anyone’s favor.


Options in Asian Handicap Market

The common options in asian handicap football betting are as follows:

Asian Handicap 0.0

When you choose this option, the game begins with a score, 0 to 0. There is no advantage set for a team. There is no draw option and pretty simple rules apply here.


Asian Handicap 0.25

In this case, the game begins with 0 to 0.25 score. These are also referred to as (Quarter goal handicaps). Here, the underdog gets an edge of quarter goal before the match begins. The different outcomes on your stake include:

  • Win
  • Win half
  • Lose
  • Lose half

When you bet with the quarter line -0.25, you will be betting that a team having a negative Asian handicap value begins at a disadvantage. Your bet wins if that team wins the match. If there is a draw, you will keep half your wager, and if the team loses, you will lose your stake.



Asian Handicap 0.5

The game begins with a 0 to 0.5 score, also known as half goal handicap. The underdog is given an edge of half goal before the match begins. There are only two outcomes here – you will win or lose your bet. There is no way that you can get a refund.

If you choose asian handicap bets with the half line +0.5, it means that the team you place your bet on begins the match with a positive value and goal lead of 0.5. Your bet wins if the team the bet is placed on wins or if you have a draw.

You will lose the bet, if that team loses. When you place your bet on +1.5, your chosen team will have a goal lead of 1.5. You will win in the following scenarios:

  • The team wins
  • The team loses with a maximum of 1 goal
  • The match is a draw

When your team loses with 2 or more goals, your bet is lost. If you choose asian handicap football betting with negative half lines, the situations are the same but in the opposite way.


Asian Handicap 0.75

This option has the match starting with the score of 0 to 0.75. Here, the underdog is given an edge of 0.75 goal before the match kicks off. If you choose the quarter line at -0.75, the selected team will begin the match with a disadvantage of -0.75 goal. The outcomes are as follows:

  • You will win the bet if the selected team wins at minimum 2 goals
  • If the team wins with a single goal, your bet gets divided. You will get refund on half of the bet and win on the other half.
  • If the game is a draw, you lose your bet
  • If the team loses, you lose your bet

If you choose a positive quarter line handicap bet, the outcomes will get reversed.

There is also an option of -1 in asian handicap football betting. In this option, the match starts with 0 to 1 score, giving the edge of 1 goal to the underdog team.

Asian total is one of the asian handicap bets for total goals. It is similar to the over/under market, but is different between the lines. You are allowed to place your bet on full, half and quarter lines. Alternative asian handicap markets aren’t different and represent simply the way bookmakers list the options. So if you want to make the most of this market, it is recommended to have basic knowledge of the above-mentioned points.